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DDoS Protection

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DDoS Protection Solution

KoDDOS provides true DDoS protection from as low as $39.99 per month.

Distributed Denial of Service attacks have became a very real threat to those conducting business on the internet. They represent the most costly form of cyber crime resulting in losses of millions per year. They can cripple your online presence and infrastructure as well as drain you financially. This day in age if you do business online through your web site or have other important assets online then protection against such attacks is not only crucial but just as important as other security implementations. DDoS attacks can be personal, from a rogue competitor or organized extortion schemes. Either way they are designed to make you lose money and prevent your visitors and customers from reaching your site effectively putting you out business during the duration, in many cases permanently.

At KoDDos we offer affordable, effective and reliable ddos protection hosting. Being in the business for over 3 years we have developed methods in which very little if any advanced network protections are needed, we are able to utilize technologies and methods where we can effectively combat all types of modern DDoS attacks on the server level saving you hundreds even thousands of dollars. However in the event you are under a very large attack we do have the means to implement network level filtering, clustering, failover dns, proxying and other options at rates much less then our competitors. There is no limit to the amount of protection we can put together through these methods.

We protect your website against all types of DDoS such as:

- TCP SYN Flood
- TCP SYN-ACK Reflection Flood (DRDoS)
- TCP Spoofed SYN Flood
- TCP ACK Flood
- TCP IP Fragmented Attack
- HTTP and HTTPS Flood Attacks
- ICMP Echo Request Flood
- UDP Flood Attack
- DNS Amplification Attacks
ddos protection network

We have highly trained professional administrators on standby 24/7 for any event that may come up. Upgrades can be performed in less than an hour. Unlike other hosts in the ddos protection business we do not exaggerate attack size or strength or do bait and switch type scams to get you to buy unneeded upgrades. In the event attacks exceed your allocated protection we will provide all logs, alerts and other information necessary to back up what we say. If you go to another service you will find that the attack size and strength are exactly what we stated. We pride ourselves in being honest and truthful with our clients and treating them with the upmost respect. We have a very low turnover rate, when clients come to KoDDos they stay.

Besides having the best available ddos protection for your budget we also have comprehensive security setups to prevent hacks, exploits, defacements and data breaches. All services are protected against brute force and password cracking, web application attacks and malware threats. Every account isolated using virtual containers. It is like having a dedicated server or vps without giving up your memory and cpu allocation to run services and backend. Accounts cannot affect one another in any way. If a site gets an overwhelming attack it will not affect other sites on the server. All accounts separated with dedicated cpu/ram and disk resources as well as isolated on the network level with proper protection allocation. The server cannot be overwhelmed under any circumstances! You get your protection and resource allocation no matter what.

Whether you are under attack, want protection in case of attack or have a high risk site which requires protection our ddos protected hosting is the absolute best option for you. You get what you pay for and with us you get what you pay for and much more! Your satisfaction guaranteed!

Medium Risk DDoS Protected Hosting
KoDDos medium risk protected hosting is for all general content web sites which are under small DDoS attacks. Strict policy concerning investment and other high risk sites on these plans. If you have any investment site such as HYIP, Penny stock, monitor or similar sites please do not waste our time and yours by signing up for these plans, we will terminate immediately.

High Risk DDoS Protected Hosting
Hosting for all types of high risk web sites such as investment, hyip. stock and similar sites. If you have any questions about your site please ask before purchasing.

DDoS Proxy Protection
Our Professional kProxy DDOS protection solution will protect your site against all types of attacks while you keep your current hosting provider.

DDoS Protected Dedicated Server
Our denial-of-service protected servers provide a stable platform available for any business looking to ensure rock-solid stability and uptime.

DDoS Protected Colocation
House your servers in a state-of-the-art Data Center near Amsterdam in the Netherlands and get access to our DDoS protected IP transit.

Check Domain Availibility

Search register domain from $13/year

Customised Hosting

If you want a unique package, you can contact us with all details and we will make you an offer.

What's Included?

  • Web Hosting Control Panel
  • 100 Gb Transfer
  • 5 000 Mb Storage
  • Fast, Free 24/7 Tech Support
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